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Quality Assurance

ZeCoat has developed and implemented an AS9100c style quality management program to ensure its products meet customer and regulatory requirements. Our customers are welcome to review our plan to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.  ZeCoat strives to continuously improve its products and customer satisfaction through detailed documentation of process operations and measurement of process parameters.  Quality assurance is an integral part of every product at ZeCoat and every product is tested for conformance to the customer’s specification as part of our quality control program. 


ZeCoat plans quality management for each individual contract based on the customer’s specific requirements. A process traveler is created, which includes several quality assurance checkpoints to ensure that low quality is prevented, as well as, detailed documents which specify individual procedures.  ZeCoat reviews and tests every deliverable – not just the final product, but all of the components, designs, as well as, specifications. When the final product is produced, ZeCoat performs quality control testing on witness coupons to verify requirements have been met.  ZeCoat then generates “lessons learned” that will be used to improve the process, and requests feedback from our customer to improve services.