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Protected Silver Coatings

Protected Silver Coatings Description
ZeCoat specializes in providing premium quality, UV-enhanced protected silver coatings for ground-based and space-based telescopes and instrumentation. Our computer-controlled, moving source evaporation system provides highly uniform (+/- 1 percent) and precise coatings.

Our silver coatings average reflectances greater than 96.5% from 350-nm to 1000-nm. The silver coatings, which come in several enhancement variations, are exceptionally durable and pass a 10-day KCL salt-controlled humidity test at 80° C and 80% RH. The designs include UV-enhanced, broadband reflectors optimized for different angles of incidence (AOI), or enhancement in a narrow band for high-energy laser (HEL) applications.

In addition to the products listed below, custom optical coating designs may be tailored to meet specific requirements.

All protected silver coatings are currently available on customer-supplied substrates up to 1.15-meters in diameter. The coating process is readily scalable to larger size mirrors.

Protected Silver Coating Products

Designed for near-normal incidence and high UV-reflectance from 340-nm. 

Designed for near-normal incidence and high UV-reflectance from 350-nm.

Designed for 45° AOI and high UV-reflectance from 350-nm or near-normal incidence and high UV-reflectance from 375-nm.

Designed for HEL applications centered at 1060-nm.

Designed for low thermal emissivity.