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Protected Silver Coatings

Protected Silver Coatings Description
ZeCoat specializes in providing premium quality, UV-enhanced protected silver coatings for ground-based and space-based telescopes and instrumentation. Our computer-controlled, moving source evaporation system provides highly uniform (+/- 1 percent) and precise coatings.

Our silver coatings average reflectances greater than 96.5% from 350-nm to 1000-nm. The silver coatings, which come in several enhancement variations, are exceptionally durable and pass a 10-day KCL salt-controlled humidity test at 80° C and 80% RH. The designs include UV-enhanced, broadband reflectors optimized for different angles of incidence (AOI), or enhancement in a narrow band for high-energy laser (HEL) applications.

Custom optical coating designs may be tailored to meet specific requirements.

All protected silver coatings are available on customer-supplied substrates up to 1.15-meters in diameter. The coating process is readily scalable to larger size mirrors.