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ZC-Low-ε Protected Silver Coating

ZC-Low-ε Protected Silver Coating Description
The ZC-Low-ε protected silver coating is designed to have high infrared reflectivity and low thermal emissivity.

• This environmentally stable coating will not tarnish from Sulphur air pollutants or degrade from high humidity.

• The protective scheme for silver was devised and patented by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in the United States. The LLNL recipe was adapted from sputtering to ion-assisted    deposition, electron-beam evaporation by the founder of ZeCoat Corporation under a NASA Phase II SBIR grant. 

• The ZC-Low-ε silver coating uses two ultra-thin layers of nickel-chrome nitride and silicon nitride. Because the layers are so thin, the infrared reflectance is essentially that of bare silver; making it an excellent choice for low-emissivity applications. The blue-enhanced variation of this coating process was used for NASA's Kepler Space Telescope primary mirror and the Moon Mineralogy Mapper.
ZC-Low-ε Protected Silver Coating Curve
ZC-Low-ε Protected Silver Coating Data