Advanced Vacuum Coating Solutions               Aerospace, Defense & Astronomy
ZeCoat Corporation specializes in durable protected silver coatings, multi-layer dielectric coatings, silicon cladding for optical finishing, and research and development of advanced coatings.

ZeCoat can apply precision optical coatings on substrates up to  2.3-meters in diameter. ZeCoat's measurement services include reflectance and transmission from 200-nm to 2500-nm, profilometry, and optical density.  


June 15, 2017

ZeCoat is awarded a Phase I NASA SBIR to develop a battery-powered process for coating telescope mirrors in space. 

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February 13, 2017

ZeCoat installs 2.4-meter diameter vacuum chamber.

January 1, 2017

ZeCoat installed a new silicon cladding chamber for optics up to 0.4-meters in diameter. ZeCoat applies thick silicon claddings for the purpose of polishing silicon carbide optics down to 2-angstroms RMS surface finish.

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